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Christina Cunningham BA LMBT AADP
Christina Cunningham BA LMBT AADP

I believe our bodies are meant to be the base camp for all the adventures of our lives. I believe that we temporarily borrow elements from mother earth to form our structure and that it is our job to clarify and polish them and to share our gems with the world. I also believe that the spark that animates our very being is of the heavens and when we discover that the intelligence of the universe flows through us like a river, life gets very real.

When we learn to honor the beauty of our unique experience and live from the understanding of, “I feel myself, therefore I am,” the whole world opens. When we learn to perceive the language of our bodies, and surrender to the flow of consciousness through us we can truly accomplish amazing things.

We discover that within the river of our individual consciousness, we have a unique creativity, freedom of expression and courage beyond measure. We discover what it is to inhabit ourselves as a safe place, prepared to take the risks necessary to evolve and contribute our talents and live our lives with grace and full of purpose. And, if we so chose, we can foster an interconnectivity with the life itself, the force that nourishes us, other humans, and the earth itself. And as we are nourished, we nourish in return.

Life is a struggle when we’re caught in the mental trappings of trying to figure everything out from chronically traumatized brains, having never been taught to trust our own internal GPS or to utilize the reciprocal cycle of lifeforce energy that we possess. We find ourselves lost in the wilderness of our own inner mental landscape, caught in the snares of analysis paralysis, harsh self-criticism, pushing too hard, collapsing too long, injured, dehydrated, constipated, sad and self- neglect-full. We miss beautiful opportunities for pleasure, spontaneity and connection, because we are caught in the same old loops and lost in our minds.

Slowly, slowly as we learn to open our beautiful, sensitive and precious bodies (like Dorothy returning home) and restore the rhythm to our days and the seasons of our lives, we are able to experience the flow of creativity in and around us and commune with nature to create beauty in the world.

We are able to contribute to the healing of our living Mother Earth by loving ourselves, using our unique voices, telling our healing stories, raising awake families and building robust communities and businesses.

My approach to well-being is based on the understanding that true health and happiness are born from the re-membering of the body as an energetic and spiritual as well as physical and emotional organism. Meaning, that we are a part of the living, breathing earth nd we are also quantum beings that hosts the river of life that interconnects with everyone, everything everywhere at all times.

It is my intention to help support humans to awaken to the untapped potentiality (creativity, energy, flow, joy, emotional expression, freedom, spontaneity) of their lives and embrace themselves as resilient, tenacious, unique and sensitive creatures using bodywork, coaching and love.

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