Feel comfortable in your own skin;

empowered to create your masterpiece by becoming the alchemist of own adventure.

You know all the “right” things to launch your next creative project (biz, relationship, season of life) but you constantly doubt yourself and feel overwhelmed, stuck and can't seem to move forward.

You believe it's possible to generate abundant energy, a focused mind, an inspired heart and a direct connect to source, but you currently feel lost, bloated and a bit disheartened. 

But more that anything else. you just want to be comfortable in your own skin, able to move forward and confident that you show up as your authentic self.

After my first major bout of burnout at 18, I knew I had to figure our how to heal myself.

I started my own healing journey, studied the human experience from a variety of perspectives and after working with hundreds of humans who felt overwhelmed and stuck,
I noticed some common patterns:
  • The lack of energy, focus and self-doubt starts the moment you open your eyes
  • You question your ability to get through the day as you dress in the morning,
  • As you arrive at work and begin your day, you can hear the nagging voice in your head telling you that failure is definitely an option and hoping that the extra snacks and coffee will be enough to get you through.
  • When you arrive home, you steadily numb yourself with too much tv, wine, food or drama, just to not have to face your own inner critic or lack of motivation to move forward.
  • Finally, you try to drift off to sleep and the inevitable wave of regret and self –loathing hits you like a brick wall and prohibits you from getting the rest you desperately need

Generally, you feel on the verge of giving up on the beauty of your own dreams, thinking that all the work you put in is meaningless and that your current state of affairs is just the way life will always be.

If this sounds like the story of your life, you are in the right place and I am glad you are here!

In fact, as an “off the beaten path” human who struggles with the demands of modern life’s fast pace, I get it, I really do! 
You know what you want, you’ve been steadily building the components of the life you envision, but at multiple spots along the way, usually when things get challenging, you crumble and can't seem to find a way through.
The overwhelm feels like you are walking around in pea soup: your mind is fogged over, your body feels like a ton of bricks, you are often run down and things seem pointless. 
The truth is that you keep hitting the same choice point over and over again, and you know that eventually you will not be able to recover. But you also know that the real devastation will be if you never breakthrough and you're never able to contribute your unique voice to the world.  

Hey, I'm Christina

I work with creatives, healers and leaders like you, who want to answer the call of your dharma / purpose / mission an finally create your masterpiece.

I assist you in learning how to awaken to the beauty of being uniquely you, able to safely navigate life challenges and connected to the sacred nature of your

Together, we understand your struggles as the curriculum for personal transformation, we craft self-atunement rituals that keep you connected to source and we invite breakthroughs that allow you to create deep satisfaction.

Can you relate? You’ve challenged yourself multiple times to start a new chapter of your life and so you've doubled down on self-care, deprivation and hyper vigiliance only to have all your efforts thwarted by your own inability to sustain the energy, focus and perseverance to see the next creative project to fruition.

Despite your best pep talks, vision boards, journal entries, sticky-note wallpaper and profound promises to yourself, you have yet to achieve the level of lifestyle, relationship, body, career or creative endeavor that you know is possible. You might even be on the verge of giving up.
Want to know why you can’t just give up? The human family needs you to overcome your struggles so that you can contribute to the great awakening that is happening on the planet.

You matter and there is a way through all the pain and suffering:

learn to feel your own preciousness and give yourself the time and attention that you desperately desire. Learn to embrace all that makes you, you and see how the environment around you opens to all that you desire.

When you know that your contribution DOES matter and is actually crucial for creating a larger ripple effect of change on the planet, then you …. When you come to understand that your birthright as a human is be joyful, spontaneous and free, then you find the fight … you find the inner determination to see yourself to fruition, to dare to bet on yourself, be a model for those around you and put in the work.

And when you connect to the fact that all the circumstances, events and seemingly shitty, shit has all been perfectly designed for you inner revolution ….. things begin to make sense!!

Imagine ...

  • ·You know how to reconnect yourself to the source of your inspiration (your higher power, etc)
  • Have deep roots in the ground and rise above daily challenges while staying present, in your body and able to both feel and take action
  • Transform your go-to default stress state (fight, flight or freeze) so that you now have the confidence to take on new goals, aspirations and ideas because you know what to do when you feel your “upper limit” creeping in
  •  Know how to best nourish yourself with food that satiates your body and focuses your mind and does not create the dreaded brain fog
  • Know when to feast and when to fast
  • Know how to move your body in the ways that make you feel like your strongest, most flexible and “up for anything” self.
  • Prioritize your sleep and rest in ways that bring about an ease and flow to your life.
  • Cultivate a tranquil mind and use your limiting beliefs and addiction to over thinking to tap into your intuition and choices from your wisest self 
  • Know how to stay present and honor your emotional states and see them as the gifts of being a sensitized human able to engage in fully capacity living
  • How to sink into your own wholehearted-bodily experience and how to receive your most wise and intuitive “gut feelings.”
  • Feel and thrive as a connected and present human “be-ing” who is awake to the beauty of being alive.

During this 3 month journey, with structured support and resources you will learn how to conduct me-search and deign super potent daily rituals that alchemically evolves you and uplevels the experiences and the environments you inhabit !

I’ll teach you how to transform out-dated and conditioned stress responses that enable a free flow of lifeforce energy needed for your next creation.

You'll receive regular bodywork, so that as you begin to expand in to your new potential you have the grounded-ness to carry it thorugh.

And I’ll hold you accountable as you create, implement and iterate your personal alchemical experiments in the laboratory of your daily life.

The Three-fold path looks like this:

Resilience Rites

This is the path on the journey where you form an intellectual understanding of what creates sacred self-care. This comes in the form of videos, worksheets & links. You will be creating your own resource library.

Embodiment Experientials

This path is where you get to take the resources you are learning into your real life and run experiments. This is the safe place you are building for yourself to trial and error what works to bring you into alignment and what does not.

Being Alive Bodywork

a bespoke fusion of strong yet sweet mind-body enhancing movements and Shen Sensitivity Touch (org, in Italy). The main intention is to relieve tension and fatigue, increase body and emotioanl awareness. It helps to better know oneself and rediscover your vital lifeforce energy.

OneSelf is all you need.

I created Return to OneSelf for creative humans who have no other choice but to find their own unique rhythm so they can birth their new ideas in the world.

As a fellow bodhisattva of the earth, in order for me to believe I could create this program and have enough lifeforce to see it up and running with great success, I had to transform myself form the inside, there was no other way and that is why it was not happening for so long.

It became to painstakingly obvious that it was going to be much more painful and suffering inducing if I stayed as I was. I finally HAD to do it!

By the time you complete your 3 month cycle, you will feel just how precious you really are and just how unique your experience as a human truly is.

I’ve designed this program so you can get access to all the cheerleading, bullsh*t detecting and accountability you need without having to figure it all our yourself,

Within this program, together, we will save you so much time spent being aggravated, and instead resolve so many daily conflicts with yourself. 

And you wont have to wonder if you will ever learn how to make your dreams come true. 

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“We are like waves in the ocean, each with a unique character and quality on the surface, but deep down we are eternally connected to one another and to the ocean as a whole. If you practice looking beyond the surface of appearances, you will begin to see the true Being that lies within each form."

– Joseph P. Kauffman